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Chet Nichols & Associates is the CPA firm of choice for businesses and individuals located in the Murray, UT area.

A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is an accounting professional with advanced education, training, and certification about other industry personnel. In order to become a CPA, an individual must complete a specific curriculum at an advanced learning institution or university. Depending upon the state involved, a certain amount of years and coursework hours must be completed. No individual is allowed to sit for the CPA exam unless this criterion is met.

After passing the CPA exam, an individual must work for a set time period in either a CPA firm or industry-approved organization before obtaining a license to practice public accountancy. It is not an easy process. Only 10% of the accounting profession ever achieve this noteworthy accomplishment. Our leading principals have.

A CPA can be a knowledgeable financial management partner that watches out for your business or individual assets. This professional can play a key role in helping you make sound decisions that maximize and protect the involved assets.

When you are in trouble with the IRS, you can improve your success rate by hiring our CPA firm. A CPA is legally capable of providing IRS representation.

Hiring a CPA as your financial team member assures you stay in compliance with tax laws, accounting principles, and other key areas that can save you money.

Give Chet Nichols & Associates a call when in the Murray, UT area. Find out how our CPA firm can help you and your financial future.